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A lowdown of the bands that performed at Gemfest 2017.


CARPETFACE is a critically-acclaimed international hiphop artist, producer / songwriter from London, who first hit the UK scene in 2002 with his debut single Friday Night Sniper, receiving 6 months of MTV play resulting in fans, tours and collabs worldwide. 14 years, 15 indie-releases and 1300+ international shows later, CARPETFACE is still going strong and about to release a tonne of new material over the coming months, having recently taken time off from solo releases and touring to have a child and complete his 2nd solo album.


Having supported DE LA SOUL, ONYX, THE PHARCYDE, UGLY DUCKLING, BREAKESTRA, ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM, DJ FORMAT, DJ YODA and MR SCRUFF on tour all over UK and EUROPE, along with solo tours in SOUTH AFRICA, GAMBIA, JAPAN and USA (including Brooklyn battle nights and the first hiphop show by a UK artist at Burning Man) it should come as no surprise that CARPETFACE takes any crowd back to the golden era of soulful hiphop, smashing the roof off with maximum audience participation. Combining HUGE stage presence with authentic old-school block-party flows, conscious lyrics, looped human-beatboxing, crazy live electronic percussion and infectiously catchy, often melodic chorus-hooks that can only be described as “hip-pop”, CARPETFACE is known for knocking audiences sideways with a solo live show which must be seen to be believed….

Growing up in 80’s / 90’s London influenced by Chuck D, Beastie Boys, Ragga Twins, Ice-T, Beck, Jamalski, Fu-Schnickens, Ice Cube, Demon Boyz, early LL Cool J, James Brown, Coltrane, The Goon Show and Ren & Stimpy, CARPETFACE has a uniquely twisted yet authenticly genuine take on the hiphop genre for a UK artist, often adding melody and surreal dirty humour to tongue-twisting, conscious rhymes promoting peace, equality and compassion and higlighting the issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, corporate elitism, social injustice, environmental concerns, and the dumbing down of modern youth.






A smoulderingly serious song about common misconceptions, corruption, personal freedoms and propaganda Free digital download to include Jungle, D&B and Downtempo remixes from Urban Warfare Crew and Djar One. Music video featuring Daisy Roots Dance Company and original rocket-launcher art from Marcus Dove.

“1-2-3-4-5 WAKE UP!” 7-inch single released on BEATS HOUSE Records Jan 2016 co-produced with DJAR ONE with all digital sales donated to the Calais based Refugee Community Kitchen. Video: Listen and Buy:

“MY CONTRIBUTION” Part 3 12-inch release” CARPETFACE features alongside US legends PHILL MOST CHILL, BRAND NUBIAN’S SADAT X and Paris pioneers DEE NASTY as the first ever UK artist to appear on on part 3 of the widely-respected vinyl series from DJ NICE, released Nov 2015 on Toulouse label PLAY THAT Records, with 2 versions of his track “THE HUMAN IS A BEATBOX”

Previous CARPETFACE releases are all up on ITUNES, including collabs with Audible1, STEREO MC’S and PUBLIC IMAGE LTD ‘s KEITH LEVENE on his 38-track double-album “HAVE MIC WILL TRAVEL” :

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THE SUMMERTIDES are a dynamic 4 piece, upbeat indie band from Devon. The group have already billed with acts such as Billy Bragg, The Hoosiers, Gentlemans Dub Club, King Charles, to name but a few and are big BBC Introducing favourites, with regular features, interviews and live sessions on the BBC as well as gaining the title of ‘upload of the week’ 5 times. The Summertides have played some great events and festivals including Chris Evans’ Carfest, performed at the O2 Islington, The Bimble Inn – Beautiful Days, Watchet Live and have frequented Love Summer, as well as an almost endless list of ‘homegrown’ festivals and events. The boys are working on a new album due for release in 2017… Watch this space.,



PATTERNPUSHER Formed at a dried up Exeter jam night that Alex (lead vocals) ran in 2016, Patternpusher began to oppose the conventional sound of their instruments by; breaking apart old pianos, effecting voices in to obscurity, replacing hi hats with oregano and only picking up guitars for Benjamin Green to assault them with his head. After recording in early 2016 with John Cornfield (Muse, Supergrass, Stone Roses) and playing a refreshing show at Beautiful Days the band have returned to their Devon suburbia to nurture their debut E.P in their own bodged home studio. David and Pickle, (Green’s cat’s) have inspired the band to take the time to make sure every piece and part has its place. Their live show is a unique spectacle, with Bristol Live magazine calling it: ‘music that is as perfect as it is unorthodox’

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THE LURES have burst onto the indie-folk scene in 2017; seeing their first single ‘Riverbed’ championed by BBC Introducing, and playing shows with the likes of Sound of the Sirens. Led by the dual vocals of Hamish Goodwin and Maria Kontorravdis, this is heartfelt and powerful new music.


LOTTIE JONES There is a sense of inevitability about the steady rise of Lottie Jones, an 18 year old singer songwriter from Exeter, Devon. Born into a home where touring musicians would come to stay over after gigs, from an early age Lottie would intently watch some of the industry’s finest artists jamming into the early hours, picking up guitar chords and vocal harmonies from them, and eventually joining in herself.

Lottie’s breathtaking vocals, combined with intimate, evocative lyrics written with a thoughtfulness which calls to mind artists like Daughter, Alela Diane and Joanna Newsom, have led to her supporting Irish platinum selling artist Gavin James, Craig Gallagher, Antonio Lulic and Canadian legends The Bros. Landreth.

Lottie’s natural stage presence is already charismatic, often humorous and self deprecating even when introducing songs of a deeply personal nature. Her video ‘Solivigant’, filmed at her exclusive ‘Loft Barbers Live’ session supporting Gavin James, garnered 8000 Facebook views in less than a week, and was given high praise by Joey Landreth, lead singer of The Bros. Landreth, who shared the video clip, calling it ‘Simply beautiful.’

Lottie Jones is one of the most exciting emerging artists on the UK singer Songwriter scene, and it seems only a matter of time before she will be charming larger audiences.




An Exeter- Based musical group that plays Folk/jazz/acoustic/rock music. Influenced by Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke, Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Amy Winehouse to name a few this alternative quartet burst onto the South West scene in early 2016.

Playing a rare and exclusive acoustic set at Gemfest 2017 they will be promoting their 3 track EP ‘Outside In’




The Dillyboys are a high octane folk collective from Exeter. The pioneers of “Shanty Chic” deliver a harmonious fusion of blues/cabaret/folk. They guarantee to reduce any audience to a state of hootenanny delirium. A triumph of enthusiasm over adequate preparation.

“The super-group that Exeter deserves but doesn’t know it wants yet” – Batman 2016




With her intricate guitar picking and effortless, vocals, Sadie performs with warmth and authenticity, captivating her audience with her engaging but unaffected stage presence. Reflected by her maturity, Sadie’s songwriting is wise beyond her years, her heartfelt lyrics are inspired by events and people around her with every song telling a compelling story which you do not want to miss. “Big, bright, talented future star” BBC Introducing in Devon.



THE ISCATELS are a live reggae band fusing dub, ska and drum & bass into an eclectic mix of intricate, original and heartfelt songs. Dave Fugler from the band will be performing an exclusive acoustic set at Gemfest 2017, promoting the bands upcoming album release and playing some rare, previously unheard tracks.

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Improperly a disparate collection of individuals providing comic interpretations to characters, situations, genre and locations provided by the audience. All played out within a framework of games and set-ups.

A comedy improvisation group with a difference. Following on from their debut shows in January 2012 at The Exeter Laugh Out Comedy Festival the team have since gone on to perform in The To…tnes Festival and The Ignite Festival. A rag-bag of individuals have been thrown together to create something from nothing in an evening of unlimited possibilities. Witness their leap into the unknown without a safety net. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you, Improperly!

Featuring: Joe O’Bryne, James Cotter, Sam Morgan, Helen Herman, David Rees and Christine Sweetman





CLAUDE THE COMEDY WAITER back for the fourth year running, a very talked about guest at Gemfest!

PARTY PAINTS, there to tend to all of our face painting needs!

Be dazzled with some Close Up Magic from the amazing Simon Croft – Sicro Magic.