In 2009, at the age of 27, Gemma Wensley was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and given months to live. Gemma retired from her job, caring for others, as a staff nurse at The RD&E to concentrate on caring for herself for a while, fighting this illness and preparing for the worst.

Gemma’s friends and family were heartbroken and in 2012 decided to throw her a surprise birthday party for the 30th birthday she was unlikely to reach. But miraculously she did reach it…..

After months of gruelling treatment the tumour started to shrink and Gemma began to improve dramatically. See more of Gemma’s story by clicking here.

Just over 8  years since her diagnosis, Gemma, still has a brain tumour, it is still inoperable but she is still with us.

Many people living with these uncertain circumstances might be content to concentrate on looking after themselves, but not Gemma!

Not only did she never give up but she also gives back…..

Although she is still receiving treatment related to her illness Gemma and her good friend Susan Luscombe along with a committed team of volunteers  organise and run Gemfest annually to raise money for Hospiscare and The Brain Tumour Charity, two charities that have been very important to her survival.